When disaster strikes a commercial building, it can prevent businesses from operating effectively.

A Plus For Restoration will keep your business running and your customers happy. Our teams respond quickly and complete the repairs necessary to get the business up and running as soon as possible.

With many years of experience, we work in coordination with risk managers, property managers, insurance adjusters, and building owners to smoothly implement an effective commercial water damage restoration plan.

Our services include:

• Commercial water damage restoration

• Flood damage restoration

• Structural Drying service

• Odor Control service

• Sewage removal

Our knowledgeable emergency response team will stabilize your property quickly, thus reducing the damage.

We will work with you personally to determine the best path for your commercial water damage restoration, including the scope of the work, budget, and time frame for recovery.

The advantages of working with us are:

• Licensed builders as Project Managers

• More drying equipment available immediately, with more available within 24 hours

• More experienced staff

• Maximum possible communication

• Flexibility in the work

Whether it's a small sewage backup, a pipe break on an upper floor, or a catastrophic event that requires large amounts of equipment and expertly trained people, our water damage response team will be there.

We provide everything from correct chemicals for decontamination to full-service reconstruction, as well as the best processes, services, resources, and talent to successfully and quickly restore commercial companies to normal.

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